Turbo Boost! Ford of Europe planning K.I.T.T.-inspired Focus ST Black Edition

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Ford's finally done it. In an effort to quell our burning lust for the Euro-Focus here at home, they seem to have neglected to issue an English press release for its newest special edition hot hatch. While the indecipherable French-translated text our colleagues over at the Jalop procured is bad enough, equally confusing is the marketing scheme behind the Focus ST Black Edition. Supposedly, the Hoff's epic '80s serial Knight Rider was the inspiration for the design of this L.E. model, and although some of us around Autoblog HQ were products of the Reagan decade, we're pretty sure that K.I.T.T. was never based on a Blue Oval offering. But we digress.

The real news is that the Black Edition ST gets an appropriately sinister paint job, matched with orange graphics and trim, along with 19-inch OZ Superturismo WP wheels wrapped in Dunlop SP Sportmaxx rubber, sized 225/35Z R19. On the inside, the standard ST Recaros remain, albeit with matching orange trim, while piano black inserts and a new sport steering wheel make the package a cohesive whole.

Power is still provided by the 2.5-liter turbo'd five-pot found in the standard ST, pushing out 223 HP and 236 lb.-ft. of torque between 1,600 and 4,000 RPM. Only 50 Black Editions will be made available, and if you're brave enough to follow the jump, you can read the entire translated press release. A "Knight to wrinkle" it is.

[Source: Ford, Jalopnik]

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Racée, sporting and with the malicious glance, Ford Focus ST Black Edition does not miss assets for its special edition of black color strictly limited to 50 specimens: rare will be thus the drivers which will be able to be offered this sports car to the complete equipment invoiced 47 990 franks and which can practically do everything. Quasi like the imperceptible car of the popular television serial "Knight To wrinkle", in the Eighties.

After successful launching, in spring, X-ray ST WRC-Edition, here now a new version of popular Ford which wants to be resolutely sporting, and in spite of very elegant, in its delivered black color. With the first glance, one could almost confuse X-ray ST Black Edition with his large s?ur, celebrates it car of the American television serial "Knight Rider": with its black body Black Panther, its impertinent monogram Black Edition, its masks of foglamps black chechmate and the so black grids of higher and lower grill they, the car is not without recalling celebrates it knight of the road, the K.I.T.T. Except that Ford Focus ST Black Edition carried out in a strictly limited special version can neither speak nor to lead all alone.

The fifty models Black Edition are characterized by exclusive black light alloy rims OZ Supertourismo WP from 19 inches which were manufactured in particular for Ford in black chechmate with an orange graphics. Goes up pneumatic is with the height with tires Dunlop "SP Sportmaxx" (225/35Z R19) broad and with the extremely flat profile. The large back aileron painted in the color of the body gets an optimal support to him. The headlights bixénon guarantee that the dipped headlights and the main-beam headlamps have an identical color of light and that the road is illuminated liberally and with a great clearness so that the driver identifies any possible danger very early. The treated cockpit enamels of it piano with its head offices Sport Recaro, the head-rests embroidered with a great love of the detail, the wheel leather which fall well in hands and the pommel speed with its fine leather sleeve also adopt the same black color. Among the details of installation of the three-doors which deserve to be announced appear in particular an audio system Sony in changer with six CD of great standing and a practice automatic air-conditioning at two zones as well as de-icing the QuickClear® windshield which also reflects the rays of the sun.

Ford Focus ST Black Edition is propelled by famous the 2,5 turbo liters with five cylinders which develops 225 CH (166 kw) with 6100 tours/minute. But its couple is more impressive still since it is 320 newton-meter available between 1600 and 4000 turns. In combination with the manual box at six speeds of a high degree of accuracy, front traction charms its driver by filling with enthusiasm performances: it cuts down the 0 to 100 km/h in 6,8 seconds and its dash speed culminates with 241 km/h.

But a car which road quickly must also be able to slow down instantaneously, reason for which it has a re-examined and corrected brake system which competes without sorrow with the rise to power of an impressive sovereignty. The nose gear is characterized by discs ventilated from 320 millimetres diameter to clamps with four pistons from a reliability to any test. For the aft wheels, clamps of brake with two pistons and discs of 280 millimetres are found. An anti-locking system with four channels (ABS) with electronic distribution of the force of braking (EBD) guarantees short braking distances and an imperturbable directional stability at the time of the operations of deceleration. And, if the 225 horses threatened to pack, the electronic program of stability (ESP) would intervene to suppress them thanks to small selective brake applications. We recommend to to the interested customers and customers to react quickly - the fifty first will be also the last.

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