The Great American Trucking Show aknowledges biodiesel, fuel-saving initiatives in road freight transport

The Great American Trucking Show in Dallas sends green messages to the road freight transport sector: Those partners who have participated in EPA's SmartWay Grow & Go program will be awarded at a breakfast. The SmartWay Grow & Go program was designed to promote the environmental benefits of biodiesel and was also intended to reduce fuel consumption in road freight. It is claimed that the program has already saved 350 million gallons of diesel fuel and eliminated nearly four million tons of CO2, through the adoption of fuel-saving technologies and strategies.

One of the results of the initiative is a mapping software that can be installed in any laptop which helps truckers plan their routes efficiently, and also allows them to find truck-accessible biodiesel refueling stations along the way.

The GAT Show also includes a showcase of six trucks and tractors which are able to reduce fuel consumption 20 percent by means of improved aerodynamics, idle-reduction options and low-rolling resistance tires.

[Source: GATS]

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