The EU to copy heavy-truck and passenger bus emissions rules from US

The European Commission has started the consultation process for new legislation to reduce particullate and NOx emissions from heavy-trucks and buses tailpipes. This new set of rules will be ready for the end of the current year. The norm, labelled Euro VI, will be inspired in the future by US EPA rules in order to create worldwide homogenous rules for automakers.
The new Euro IV VI will be made to last, which means the targets are going to be tight. G√ľnter Verheugen, vice president of the Commission and Industry responsible affirmed that, "the industry will have enough time to get ready for clean vehicle manufacturing without risking business." The Euro IV VI will focus on ozone precursors (which, as we said, are NOx, non-burnt hydrocarbons and other particullates).

During this consultation process, the European Commission is asking for input about the different possible scenarios regarding fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


[Source: Europa Press via Econoticias]

[Edited: It's Euro VI all the time... Thanks Mulad for pointing this out]

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