Spy Shot: Nice view of Porsche Panamera profile

What we have here is the clearest shot yet of the Porsche Panamera's C-Pillar and backlight. Fast Lane Daily poster mcshin was quick with the shutter and nabbed the green four-door before the chase car could block the view.
It's a very chunky rump, but the lines do flow well, in a 911-tied-to-a-tree kind of way. While the camo on this Panamera is pretty light, there are still more surprises to uncover; check out the panel that covers up the middle of the doors. Could there be more coke bottle under there for us to feast our eyes on? We do hope the large spoiler doesn't make it to production as some sort of stylized version of the cliché whale tail. However it looks, we're sure that it'll perform like a Porsche, and we await the day a production Panamera winds up in the Autoblog Garage.

[Source: Fastlane Daily]

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