Toyota and Sony working on single-seat vehicle

Toyota and Sony are forming a new partnership to enter a segment rarely tackled by mainstream automakers, the single-seater vehicle market. Back in 2005, Toyota unveiled the i-swing, a concept car that was basically an armchair on wheels. This time around it's making a serious attempt at creating a viable one-seater vehicle, and has enlisted the help of several Sony engineers to help see it to fruition.
Sony has sold several major patents surrounding its robotic technology to Toyota and seven of its researchers are temporarily working with the carmaker on project called the next-generation "transporter."

Toyota has already developed a new robot-on-wheels called the TPR-Robina. The robot is used as a guide at its headquarters and has the ability to avoid obstacles and talk with visitors. Sony, meanwhile, has abandoned the early work it's done in robotics and is instead focusing on improving its core electronics business.

[Source: Drive]

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