MTV and Xzibit: Pimp my Wheelchair!

MTV's hit show, Pimp My Ride, has tried to go green already. If you recall, we brought news of the episode where California's Governator himself was a guest and Mad Mike and the crew took a classic Impala and swapped out the gas engine for a Duramax diesel. But, what do you think the team could do if the four-wheeled conveyance was human powered? How about a wheelchair? Well, now I'm sure you're interested, right? Follow past the break where you can see a short video from Darius and his friends. It seems that the story was shown on Nightline as well, so you may already have heard about it.
There was also a movie made about the trip that Darius and his friends took. Here is a link. If you are interested in the story, maybe it's worth a ticket.

[Source: Ecorazzi]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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