Just about the time that this blog burst forth upon the world last year, the cable channel that used to play music videos, started a thinkMTV campaign called "Break The Addiction". The 12 month long 12-step program aimed at breaking the addiction to excessive energy use will be wrapping on April 22, Earth Day 2007 with a special edition of Pimp My Ride. The show that normally focuses on doing things to cars that go way beyond the bounds of good taste or common sense will be taking on a 1965 Chevrolet Impala.

The crew from Galpin Auto Sports will be getting a visit from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as they transform a forty-two year old beater. The probably very smoky old gas engine will be tossed in favor of an 800hp biodiesel fueled oil-burner. While this is clearly not quite the same as bolting a rack full of batteries into the bed of an old Chevy S10, it definitely falls into the alternative realm. The finale will apparently involve running the diesel Impala against a new Lamborghini Gallardo, which given the torque characteristics of a diesel should prove interesting. There's no word yet whether BioWillie Nelson will make an appearance to help fuel up the car, but we will have an interview with the creators of the show early next week.

[Source: MTV]

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