The HyperBike feasibility study

The more you read our blog, the more you probably realize that there is an absolutely huge amount of research going into alternative automobiles. Much of the research is on creating new fuels with which to run our internal combustion engines. However, a great deal of research is also being made into electric transportation. Batteries, capacitors and electric motors with their associated electronics are all being made better and more efficient. Thankfully, other transportation devices can stand to be improved by much of this same research, and ebikes are no exception. Assisted bicycles have been around for a good long time, and you may remember the days when mopeds were criss-crossing your country regularly. After the engine, electric bikes started showing up as well. Now, there are hundreds of electrically assisted bicycles from which to choose.

The HyperBike Feasibility Study in Austria is looking at ways to improve the electric bike's batteries, motor and overall efficiency. Being that the pedals still exist, this is a hybrid form of transportation. Check out their website and see what they are doing. Remember, the original language of the page is German, so the English is not perfect, but its pretty easy to understand. Have fun!

[Source: HyperBike]

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