What does driving a Toyota Prius say about your love style

Not too long ago, we showed you a video of what some men and women think about the people who drive certain cars. Specifically, what would you think if you were being picked up for a blind date in (blank) car? Of course, the Prius was one of the vehicles chosen for this test. Now, we have an article from Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., where she shares "her thoughts on what car selection reveals about your date (or, hey, even about yourself) and about your romance potential."

Wanna know what she thinks about you if you drive a Toyota Prius, or any other hybrid for that matter?

What the car says about its owner: You guessed it: The person behind the wheel of a Prius chose an environmentally-friendly car because that cause is meaningful to him or her. "This driver is an energetic volunteer or cause-supporter who is often earnest and serious," Dr. Orbuch notes. "This person is wearing his or her priorities on a sleeve (well, on the car...) and is interested in making a statement." Just know that he or she "probably doesn't have a sense of humor when it comes to rainforest preservation, veganism, or Dennis Kucinich," she says. Ultimately, these drivers have good souls, she says: "People appreciate their commitment to their beliefs, even if they may be prone to preaching."

What the car says about its owner's love style: The hybrid driver is likely searching for someone who shares his or her politics and passions. "This driver is probably most apt to meet his or her perfect mate at a political march or a benefit," says Dr. Orbuch. She also suggests that because this person may be a bit uptight in the love department; finding a mate who can loosen him or her up is essential.

Are all you Prius drivers preachy? What if you bought it just to save money on gas?

[Source: MSN Match]

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