Alfa Romewoo

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There was a Seinfeld episode once that explained the problem with bathroom sprays. Jerry's issue was that the spray didn't get rid of the offending odor, it just tried to cover it up with an even more offensive odor, and it didn't even really do that, so now you had two terrible smells that had combined to form one truly awful stench.

That explains the quandary with cars like the one you see above. Take one Daewoo Cielo -- alias Nexia, alias Asuna, alias Racer, alias Maepsy -- which was a small hatch based on the Opel Kadett. Then add one stupendously malproportioned after-school-project bodykit that's meant to be an Alfa Romeo Brera. Voila. You have the opposite of a Reese's Cup: two unpleasant flavors that taste even worse together. We give it's maker an A for effort. And the wheels aren't terrible. As for execution, well, the grade we give for that is going to require some summer school courses...

[Source: Carscoop]

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