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Would you believe... another DIY Segway built by students!

"A group of students from Wayland High School, John D. O'Bryant School of Math and Science, and Cambridge Rindge and Latin School working with four MIT students," says their website, has created yet another one-off DIY Segway-like scooter. Just like the Segway, their device can balance itself as the rider uses his or her body-weight to gesture the device in the direction that they want to go. They set out to develop the machine for less than $1,000, and used lightweight, inexpensive aluminum and lexan plastic for the majority of the machine. Like many of the other DIY Segways, the machine uses an accelerometer to measure the lean of your body and the machine, which allows it to balance itself. No Wiimotes of iPhones were harmed during construction of this scooter.

The student's scooter weighs just 52 pounds with the battery and beats the Segway in one important way: it comes with two cupholders while the Segway offers none. Only in America, folks!

Quite possibly the coolest side of all of this is that the designers have made the code that they used to program their machine to stay upright available for download, and have given a guide on how to make a DIY Segway for your very own. How long until one of these ends up in the AutoblogGreen garage?


[Source: MIT via Engadget]

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