Prospectors beware: Nissan may void warranty on second GT-R owner

The anticipation of the forthcoming Nissan GT-R cannot be understated, particularly since it's the first time the automaker will grace our shores with its dominating grand tourer. As expected, the waiting list has grown rapidly, which is giving Nissan pause. The problem, according to the automaker, is that speculators are likely topping that list, and the plan to flip the vehicle for a profit is at the forefront of many prospective owners minds.

Jan Thompson, the veep of marketing for Nissan, disclosed to InsideLine that the company is considering voiding the warranty on any GT-Rs that change hands within the first year it's on the road. The idea being that if buyers are in the market, they'll head on down to their local dealer, rather than buying a second hand vehicle.

According to Nissan's director of product public relations, "A warranty decision will be made before the Tokyo auto show," when the production GT-R makes its official debut.

[Source: InsideLine]

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