From the rumormill: Lambo supercar has been seen

Straight from the keyboards of people you don't know comes more "detailed" rumors of the Lamborghini supercar. Extracting the most compelling bits, it appears that the actual car hasn't been seen, but a 1/25-scale model has been shown to an exceedingly select few at Pebble Beach last week and at the Santa Monica airport, along with a short video presentation.

The car will have LP640 doors and mirrors, but is otherwise completely new. Rumor is that it will have just 20 more horsepower than the LP640. The interior is said to be green -- it's military-inspired, right? In spite of that, the gut-wrenching magic of the car is supposed to be the instrument panel, which is only ever described in superlatives. "Amazing" and "insane" are the most common. No one has any details they can reveal, having signed a paper promising not to disclose the goods.

All 20 cars have been spoken for, and there's a waiting list of 12. A gent from Manhattan Motorcars, purveyors of Lamborghinis, says that this car will return us to the days of Lamborghini posters plastering every suburban schoolboy's walls. Of course, another poster wrote "jet plane cockpits are cool but for $1.5m shouldn't it have ICBMs and an ejector seat?" Come on, Frankfurt.

Thanks for the tip, John!

[Source: 6SpeedOnline]

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