Arizona Safeway trucks get pumped on biodiesel

Earlier this year, a Safeway store in West Seattle became the company's first to sell B20 to the public and the chain plans to open a second biodiesel pump in the city soon, this time in Ballard. Yesterday, Safeway announced it will start using biodiesel (once again B20) in all 79 of the company's trucks in Arizona.
The biofuel component of the B20 will be "made from domestically manufactured virgin soybean oil," according to the Arizona Daily Star, and using it in the Arizona trucks will reduce Safeway's CO2 footprint in the state by about 3,600 metric tons a year. A Safeway pump in Tuscon will also soon start selling B20. This is what it's like on the slow road to biodiesel.

[Source: Arizona Daily Star]

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