Woodward Dream Cruise 2007: Ford

Click the Cherry Bronco for a high-res gallery of Fords from the Dream Cruise

Royal Oak Ford played host to the Autoblog team for this year's Woodward dream cruise, but the Ford corporate display was up at the other end of the cruise zone near Maple Rd. Once we made our way up the four-mile stretch, we found the full gamut of current and future generation Fords. Along with the usual assortment Mustangs, we found the Hydrogen Fusion 999 still encrusted with salt from its record 207mph run at Bonneville on Wednesday.

All manner of Fords, Lincolns, Mercurys and Edsels were gathered around Ford's official display including a large group of Model As lined up on one side of the street, while lots of '50s and '60s T-Birds, along with Marauders, Mavericks, Continentals and everything else born in Dearborn, were spread around.

Probably the coolest vehicle in the area was the Cherry 1997 1977 Bronco (shown), with a body made completely out of wood from cherry trees. More on that later.

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