VIDEO: Woodward: Live Reveal of the 2008 Chevy HHR SS

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At the Athens Coney Island restaurant on Woodward Avenue yesterday afternoon, as "Maximum" Bob Lutz drove up in the star of the show, Chevy General Manager Ed Peper officially introduced us to the new HHR SS. In what was a fairly low-key affair in the parking lot of the diner, Peper welcomed Lutz, Richard Childress and a couple of guys who apparently make their living driving around in circles really fast.

Bob is almost always eminently quotable, but today's highlights were a really lame joke about an old song ( we'll spare you the details) and a jab at another limited-edition paint job on a the HHR's been widely accused of cloning. After the speeches and photography were done, we did have a chance to talk to Ed Peper for a few minutes and got some more details on the latest SS model from Chevrolet. You can check out the video of the interview and unveiling after the jump.

[Source: Chevrolet]

Ed Peper Interview

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