RAV4 EV going for cheap (currently) on eBay

I don't think I'm going to spoil this auction for anyone by mentioning it on our site here. These things get a life of their own.

While this Toyota RAV4 EV up for sale is currently going for just over five grand, the way these popular electric cars sell on the eBay auction site, I'm sure it'll reach $60,000 or so by the time the auction ends on the 24th. So, if you're interested an EV with 71,000 miles on it and a fresh battery pack (the seller says it has an estimated 2,000 - 16,000 miles on it), check it out. Just don't think you're going to get the car at the current price. It's been a while (I think) since a RAV4 EV made an appearance on eBay, so it'll be interesting to see what the final price is.

[Source: eBay]

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