Purolator increases order for hybrid Ford E-450s from Azure

It's not only hydrogen-powered Ford E-450s that the Canadian government is into. Thanks to a recent funding announcement to help businesses become more environmentally friendly, Ontario will invest $15 million (Canadian) in a pilot project. As part of this project, Purolator, Canada's largest courier company, decided to order itself some more of Azure Dynamics' E-450 hybrid vans.
Purolator has been using hybrid E-450s since the first batch arrived from Azure after a September 2005 order. The order was increased in 2006 and 2007, and Purolator is now using or is due 105 hybrid Ford E-450s. Azure says it'll deliver the rest by the end of 2008. Purolator's president and CEO, Robert Johnson, said in a statement that his company has been using hybrids (more than just the E-450s) in its deliver fleet since 2005, and has "logged more than 333,000 kilometres, saving almost 60,000 litres of fuel and preventing the emission of over 150 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions."

[Source: Azure Dynamics Corporation]

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