Motorcycle of the Future concept leaves out fuel savings

Somebody forgot to send the memo to Tim Cameron that the world is in need of a future without fossil fuels. Whenever anybody brings up the future in the automotive world, fuel cells, alcohol based fuels and other biofuels along with electricity are always part of the mix. Not so with the so-called "Motorcycle of the Future" that was designed by Cameron. Instead, the project focuses on minimizing damage in the case of a tip-over and reducing the cost of fixing the bike when it has been damaged. These ideas are noble in and of themselves, but what look into the future is complete without replacing gasoline? Being a concept, the inclusion of an electric system or even just the ability to run on biofuels should have been part of the project, IMHO.

The design does bring up a problem with the current crop of motorcycles, though. It is certainly true that from time to time, bikes will end up off their wheels and on the ground. This is a normal part of bike ownership, especially when the rider is inexperienced. Beginner bikes should certainly have some sort of safety built into them, like this future design concept promises. I'd just like to see the features protecting a battery instead of the gas tank, that's all!

[Source: Gizmag]

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