eBay Find Of The Day: Porsche Wagon

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This is the best.wagon.evar. Perhaps it's better described as a "shooting brake." Whatevs, the lines of the Porsche 944 lend themselves shockingly well to wagonization. Our Dutch is nonexistent, but from what we can gather, this 1981 944 Turbo could be yours if you've got 25,000 Euros kicking around. Shipping it over to the US from Genk would assuredly feel longer and more agonizing than what a five-year old experiences watching the second hand march around the clock on December 24th. The condition is said to be showroom perfect, and indeed, even the seats look far less beaten than what we routinely see lurking inside 1980s Porsches offered on eBay. There's about 175 horsepower on tap from the 2-liter four cylinder, so while it looks much faster, hot rodded Volvo 240 Turbos might be showing you their taillights.

This is the perfect Porsche for the folks with kids who don't want to join the lemmings in the Cayenne. Roughly 30 grand doesn't buy you a ton of exclusivity, either, but this Porsche Estate will definitely shut the mouths of those that feel the need to keep up with the Joneses. If you play around with the turbo boost settings, they'll have a tough time keeping up with you, too.

Thanks for the tip, Paul

[Source: eBay]

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