Lesson unlearned, blind Estonian busted behind the wheel again

The Estonian driver who was arrested for driving while blind a week or so ago is back in the news. He's been caught behind the wheel again, intoxicated and taking driving directions from three passengers. The police aren't happy and are looking to take away his car and throw him in the clink for a month. As foolish as his quest for sightless driving is, his dumb friends really take the cake. It's bad enough riding in a car with a drunk at the controls, but when said drunk is also blind -- literally -- it's just a multiple Darwin Award waiting to happen. Not this time, though, but this Estonian and his cohorts seem like the types to keep trying until they achieve success. Mazel tov, boys. Maybe the third Reuters "Oddly Enough" piece will be the charm.
Thanks to Silver for the tip.

[Source: Reuters]

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