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Three-wheel drive and a suitcase battery: Here are specs and price

Estonian electric car has throwback looks and EV mechanicals.


An E36 BMW 3 Series might be a good choice for a lot of purposes – a long road trip, a track day, rallycross, impressing your friends... but a full-on rally? It's rear-drive when the best rally machines are front- or all-wheel drive. But that didn't stop Pritt Koik and Alari-Uku Heldna from entering their stripped-out E36 in the Viru Rally in Estonia... or from getting some big air time when they did.


Hey, when your country has the population the size of San Diego's and you've got a bit of a head start, you can pull this stuff off.

Even though the Mitsubishi i hasn't gone on sale in the U.S., the bubbly little electric car has been selling for years in Japan and is already on sale in Europe (where it is a different vehicle known as the i-MiEV). In fact, Mitsubishi recently began deliveries of its largest order yet: 507 i-MiEVs were purchased by the government of Estonia in a deal that included 10 million tons of emissions rights. 50 i-MiEV's have already been delivered with the rest coming by the end of Mitsubishi's 2011 f


The Republic of Estonia kicked off its drive to lead the world in plug-in vehicles (on a per capita basis, anyway) by inking a deal that had Mitsubishi ship 507 i-MiEVs over to the northern European state in exchange for ten million CO2 credits. In addition, Estonia would install approximately 50 quick-charge stations, allowing the i-MiEV and most other battery-powered rides to be charged to 80 percent capacity in 30 minutes or less. There's just one problem: people don't want the i-MiEV.

The Estonian driver who was arrested for driving while blind a week or so ago is back in the news. He's been caught behind the wheel again, intoxicated and taking driving directions from three passengers. The police aren't happy and are looking to take away his car and throw him in the clink for a month. As foolish as his quest for sightless driving is, his dumb friends really take the cake. It's bad enough riding in a car with a drunk at the controls, but when said drunk is also blind -- litera

This past weekend, police in the Estonian city of Tartu pulled over a car because it was being driven erratically. The officers who made the traffic stop found a 20-year-old driver accompanied by a 16-year-old passenger. Thinking that the driver was drunk, they sought to administer a breathalyzer test, but the driver kept missing the tube he needed to blow into. Ultimately, Estonia Five-O figured out that the driver was blind and was piloting the car based on instructions given to him by his pas