Estonian man arrested for driving while blind

This past weekend, police in the Estonian city of Tartu pulled over a car because it was being driven erratically. The officers who made the traffic stop found a 20-year-old driver accompanied by a 16-year-old passenger. Thinking that the driver was drunk, they sought to administer a breathalyzer test, but the driver kept missing the tube he needed to blow into. Ultimately, Estonia Five-O figured out that the driver was blind and was piloting the car based on instructions given to him by his passenger. Hey, maybe they were were practicing for some enhanced form of the World Rally Championship. We'll never know. Anyway, at that point, the cuffs came out, because apparently Estonia requires drivers have the ability to see before getting behind the wheel. What a bunch of killjoys. It can be done! Haven't these people seen Scent of a Woman?
[Source: Reuters]

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