Frankfurt Preview: VW Golf BlueMotion gets over 52 mpg

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Fresh from ditching its collaboration with Mercedes-Benz on BLUETEC diesel technology, Volkswagen will be showing its newest economical diesel offering at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month – the Golf BlueMotion. BlueMotion is VW's own line of ultra fuel-efficient cars, and the Golf qualifies by achieving 52.26 mpg, or sipping 4.5L of diesel fuel every 100 kilometers. The darn thing can go 745 miles on a single tank of diesel!

The miserly and super clean Golf is powered by a VW TDI engine producing 103 horsepower and 184 ft-lbs. of torque, specs that, while hardly inspiring, ensure it's not a danger while passing. As a BlueMotion vehicle, this new Golf incorporates many interesting tech touches to help it save gas, including a lower engine idle speed; longer gear ratios in third, fourth and fifth; and a sculpted underbody to decrease drag. The car will retail for €20,615 or the equivalent of $28,236 USD.

As mentioned, VW will officially unveil the Golf BlueMotion in Frankfurt and will have five other BlueMotion models on hand, as well.

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First Facts on the Golf BlueMotion:
  • World premiere of the most economical Golf at the IAA
  • 4.5 liter fuel consumption and 119 g/km CO2: New Golf BlueMotion sets environmentally-friendly benchmarks in the compact class
BlueMotion fireworks: Besides the Golf, Volkswagen will be presenting five other BlueMotion models at the IAA
Wolfsburg, 13 August 2007 - Volkswagen will be firing off the next salvo of its BlueMotion initiative at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. In total, six new models with technology that is as economical as it is environmentally friendly, will debut at the world's largest car show. One of the highlights there: The new Golf BlueMotion. At just 4.5 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers, its fuel consumption has been reduced by a full 0.6 liters compared to the original model. Similarly, CO2 emissions have been reduced from 135 g/km to 119 g/km. Actions taken on the BlueMotion make it so efficient that now distances of more than 1,200 kilometers are possible on just one Golf tank of fuel (55 liter). Market introduction of the Golf BlueMotion in Germany is scheduled for the end of this year.

Details of the new Golf BlueMotion: After the Polo, Passat and Passat Variant, the Golf is now the fourth Volkswagen to wear the new BlueMotion environmental badge on its radiator grille and rear hatch that identifies it as the most economical model of the car series. The Golf BlueMotion is driven by a TDI with 77 kW / 105 PS and a hefty 250 Newton-meter of torque that has already achieved recognition as an efficient engine.

A software intervention in engine management reduces the idling speed of this diesel combined with a particulate filter and simultaneously improves its emission behavior. With longer gear ratios in third, fourth and fifth gears, engine speed levels are also lower while driving. These actions alone reduce consumption by about 0.2 liter.

Less apparent but no less necessary for a plus in economy are the thoroughly trimmed and thereby flow-optimized underbody as well as the nearly enclosed radiator grille. To ensure that the TDI engine still gets enough cooling air, the Golf BlueMotion has an effective dual fan. Thanks to aerodynamic design measures, including lowering of the chassis, the cW value of 0.32, which in itself is a good value, was further improved to 0.30.

In the hunt for every gram of CO2 Volkswagen is also relying on light-running tires, size 195 / 65 R 15, optimized for low rolling resistance; they are driven at higher air pressure, increased by 0.3 bar. When all of the modifications come together in the end product, the top speed of the Golf rises from 187 km/h to an electronically limited 190 km/h.

When it comes to equipment options, the Golf BlueMotion customer can choose between the Trendline and Comfortline. In addition to basic equipment, special Blue Motion specification is also on board. The base price of the Golf BlueMotion Trendline is 20,615 euro and this makes it just 315 euro more than the base price of a Golf 1.9 TDI Trendline. When adjustments are made for equipment options, the BlueMotion is even more economical than previous TDI versions with 105 PS and soot particulate filter. Besides the aerodynamic modifications already mentioned, standard equipment includes the Multifunctional Display Plus (MFA Plus) with gear recommendation arrow and a sports chassis. Thanks to its attractive price positioning, the purchase of a Golf BlueMotion already pays off from the first kilometer – and not just for the environment, but also for customers' budgets.

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