Official rendering of Hyundai RWD Coupe?

We're pretty excited about the upcoming rear-wheel-drive coupe from Hyundai, which you can probably tell by the myriad of posts we've written about it. Most have been spy shots of the car, which reveal very little about what the actual car may look like beyond its overall size and general proportions.
We happened upon this tiny rendering at the French site Caradisiac, and while our Google translation offers little explanation of what we're looking at exactly, we believe this could be an official rendering of the car from Hyundai, or maybe we just want it to be because it looks that damn good.

The details we've been able to glimpse from spy shots appear faithfully included in this rendering, particularly the wheels and the horizontal character line right behind the front wheels. While this certainly could be an unofficial render produced for a magazine or website, we're putting our money down on the chance that it's the real deal. Either way, if the car looks this good, we won't be disappointed.

[Source: Caradisiac]

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