Spy Shots: Back end of Hyundai's RWD Coupe

Here's another spy photo of Hyundai's upcoming rear-wheel-drive coupe, but this time of its lightly disguised rear end. Sort of looks like an Infiniti G35 rear, with similarly styled taillights and overall proportions. Apparently the spy photog captured this "Hyundai Mustang" as some are calling it, right at the perfect moment when the test engineer stopped to retrieve something from the trunk.
As we recently reported, this new coupe was finally acknowledged to be rear-wheel drive by Hyundai, even though most of us knew that a long time ago. It will likely be a Tiburon replacement based on the new RWD platform the company is developing for its Genesis luxury sedan. It should show up half a year to a year after the sedan, and might even come as a convertible. The engine is expected to be a V6, but there are still rumors of the new corporate V8 being offered as well, despite the naysayers.

Thanks for the tip, Kevin!

[Source: WorldCarFans]

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