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Hybrid Truck Pilot Program says diesel hybrids use 40-60% less fuel

Apparently, working with Google is not enough. The Pacific Gas and Electric Company, which is helping Google build its 100+mpg PHEV, announced yesterday it is participating in the year-long Hybrid Truck Pilot Program, which aims to get diesel hybrid service trucks into the mainstream. In the first tests, the diesel hybrids are using 40 to 60 percent less fuel. There are 14 utilities in America that are part of the HTPP, and PG&E's contribution is to use and test a diesel hybrid bucket truck made by International and Eaton Corporation (see related bucket truck posts here and here).

PG&E says the benefits of the hybrid system include:
  • Power generation of up to 25 kilowatts
  • Silent, non-polluting work site operation
  • Reduced brake wear due to regenerative braking
  • Extended maintenance intervals of the engine and systems
In other news, PG&E has joined the Green Grid, a non-profit consortium that is making data centers and business computing ecosystems more energy efficient.

[Source: Pacific Gas and Electric Company]

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