AutoblogGreen is all about green cars and green car tech. Every so often, we have to admit, we find some greens who think the best car is no car at all. This Youtube video is titled "the revolution will not be motorized." It's from the text on the trunk of the car. The license plate says "I stank." A bunny, making the peace sign is driving. I don't think the car is parked legally or that bunny has a driver's license.

"Community Vehicular Reclamation Project" is also in large, hippie text on the side the car... Oh, I forgot to mention. The car engine is gone and there are plants in its place. There are plants in lots of other places like the trunk and the roof. While, we think the revolution will be motorized, we don't mind potted cars. We think it could be a great feature someday :D

[Source: Youtube]

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