Spy Shots: Mercedes test mule revealed

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KGP Photographers have been following around Mercedes-Benz AMG engineers all day under the hot sun in California's "canyon country" just waiting for the right moment. It finally came when the engineers peeled back the car cover and revealed the mystery vehicle we showed you earlier. See this malforned Viper prototype does little to help us determine what production vehicle this car will eventually become, but we know it's property of Mercedes-Benz and involves the work of AMG, so everyone's best guess appears to be the upcoming SLC super coupe.

The SLC, you may recall, will be a transitional vehicle that Mercedes uses to implement a new all-aluminum space frame in its lineup. The car will be limited to a very low volume, though the processes used to build it will pave the way for aluminum to be injected into the new SL line of cars when they appear in 2012. There have been rumors that the SLC will feature gullwing doors like Mercs of yore, though these spy shots don't support that theory either way.

In fact, all we're able to see are general proportions at this point, and its clear from the extra-long bonnet that this car will be front-engine and rear-wheel-drive. We suppose all-wheel drive is a possibility, though we don't expect the AMG team to abandon their favorite layout.

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