The Mechabolic "dinosaur slug" promises to turn waste into fuel

I'm really not entirely sure what to make of this... thing. Called the Mechabolic, it's a sort of "dinosaur slug" according to their website. Whatever that means. The idea is that this slug-like machine would slither its way across... somewhere... and ingest all of the trash it finds, which then "will be converted to clean biomass foods/fuels using the simple technologies of gasification, anerobic digestion and Fischer Tropsch liquification. The Mechabolic will re-ingest the resulting foods/fuels to power its own locomotion as well as as a variety of high altitude fire effects." Excuse me, what?

None of this made any sense at all until I realized that this is being made for Burning Man. Then, amazingly, it all made perfect sense. That is because it doesn't make sense - and neither does Burning Man, of course... unless large burning men make perfect sense. Got that?

[Source: Mechabolic via Treehugger]

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