Burning Man going green... meet: Green Man!

I have never been to Burning Man, the huge "get-together" that for a few days each year makes its own city which they call Black Rock City out in the Desert in the Southwestern United States. I probably will never make it out there, to be honest, so I guess it's OK for me to read about what goes on there. If you plan to go, the organizers warn you to try and avoid accounts of the celebration so it doesn't get ruined for you. I will mention, though, that there is a huge "burning man" at the end, hence the name. This year, the organizers plan on going green for the event. As a matter of fact, though, as far as being green goes, the even was already pretty good. From every account I have heard or read, there is no trash left behind. If you bring it in, you are responsible for taking it out. If you want to know more about how they are going green, check out their site and the EnviroBlog that goes along with it. Don't say I didn't warn you!
Oh yeah, if you think that this has nothing to do with cars, you're wrong. There are all sorts of cars there, and you'll find plenty of green ones too, from what I hear. Some are powered by humans, no less.

[Source: Ecorazzi]

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