Revolutionary biodiesel production method of the week: Vitamines!

As with many emerging technologies, biofuels are spanning a set of different methods that might or might not be finally the best (or the most widespread) option to produce renewable fuels. From nanotechnology to veterinary, there are new technologies that try to make biodiesel production the least harmful as possible.
Now it's the turn of a group of British scientists who have unveiled a new method to purify biodiesel, which is not only cheap but simple and low-toxic as well. The method uses vitamin B4 (choline) in an ionic solution which removes glicerol. If left in the biodiesel, glicerol can harm an engine, so removing it a necessary step of biodiesel production.

"With this method, glicerol is simply swept away from biodiesel and is really a sustainable way of producing the biofuel", said Andrew Abbott, head of the investigators, who belongs to the University of Leicester (England).

[Source: Econoticias (link is in Spanish)]

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