Ballard gets contract to supply fuel cells for British Columbia bus fleet

A couple of months ago we reported on plans to have a fleet of fuel cell buses in British Columbia including twenty of them in the ski town of Whistler. The buses will be in operation by 2009 in advance of the 2010 Winter Olympics which are being hosted in Vancouver (with the skiing events taking place at Whistler).

Fuel cell supplier Ballard Power Systems has now been chosen to supply the fuel cells for the twenty buses for Whistler with the first test unit being delivered in 2008 and the rest following during 2009. After the games, the buses will become part of the standard BC transit fleet. The Ballard fuel cell systems will be integrated into buses built by New Flyer industries along with ISE electric drive systems. Over the past decade, fuel cell buses using Ballard stacks have accumulated over 1.1 million miles.

[Source: Ballard Power Systems]

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