New Chrysler, new logo: say hello (again) to the pentastar

We knew Chrysler would be returning to its well known pentastar logo after the sale of itself from DaimlerChrysler to Cerberus Capital Management went through, and that day was last Friday. Soon after we got a tip from a reader pointing us to a new website promoting "The New Chrysler", as well as its new look pentastar logo.

Big things are happening at Chrysler, obviously, including the sale, name change to Chrysler LLC, and the announcement of the automaker's new, industry-leading lifetime powertrain warranty. The new website touts all these things and tells us to "Get Ready for the Next Hundred Years". If you're interested in a breakdown of Chrysler's relationship with Cerberus, it's got that too.

Thanks for the tip, Tool!

[Source: Chrysler]

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