What to do with those empties - Mustang made from beer cans

We'll avoid the trite jokes about Jack Kirby's Mustang sculpture being a "nice car, bud." Ouch. There, it slipped out anyway. Now we can just move on. Rather than just stack up the red, white, and blue swill cans to the ceiling, as would most college students, the art and design scholar built a car instead. Kirby's chef d'oeuvre came to be when Budweiser rolled out its UK-only "Budbucks" promotion this summer – grand prize, a 1965 Mustang, Jack's favorite car. Whether or not he wins the contest, we bet it was one heck of a good time to consume the 5,000 beers that donated their containers. Then again, being a college student, he probably drank them all in one night, alone.

Thanks to tipster Marsh

[Source: CAR, Metro.co.uk]

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