One more Mini Clubman detail: European pricing

Yesterday we brought you the Full Mini Monty including all the details we had on the Clubman... at the time. Now we can make it a Fuller Mini Monty by telling you that the European Mini Clubman will sell there for £14,235, a £1,210 increase over a comparable two-door Mini. With current exchange rates, that's about $28,900 in U.S. currency. Gulp.

A better way of deducing what the Clubman will cost us in the U.S. might be to look at the percentage of price difference between European hatchback and Clubman models. In that case, a European Clubman costs about 9.1% more than a two-door hatchback. With a U.S. spec, base-model Cooper starting at about $18,050, that could mean a comparably equipped U.S. Clubman might come in under $19,700. Much better, but all speculation, of course.

Starting Nov. 10, Brits will be able to choose between the diesel version at £15,400 and a higher-performance petrol engine with 173bhp at £17,210. Our sale date has yet to be announced, and we haven't heard any plans of a diesel option here. Yet.

[Source: WhatCar]

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