London blackcab company runs with biofuel

The LTI taxis which are the popular models used in Great Britain (and some other places) as cabs are known for a certain thirst of fuel, although interior room and city handling are just awesome.
A taxi company in London has decided to improve their green side by running their taxis with a 30 percent of blended biofuel (I assume biodiesel because all the taxis I've seen in the UK ran on diesel). Those cabs will be specially branded with a special sticker on the windscreen.

The company claims that this allows to reduce emissions a 7 percent, which will save around 3,000 tons of CO2 per year. London Mayor Ken Livingstone supports the initiative: "London already has the best taxi service in the world, and I am working with the taxi trade to make it the cleanest," he said to the BBC.

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