Well, if you thought riding a Toyota Prius wasn't green enough, here's something that can make it greener: how about adding some carbon offsetting to it?

There's a new eco-friendly taxi service in London, called Climate cars, which offers not only rides on Priuses (called at their site "the latest in eco-chic") but offsetting the CO2 generated during your ride through carbon offsetting through a partnership with the Carbon Neutral Company. The generated revenue is to be used in renewable energy projects.

And not only that: Renewable energy is also used in the Climatecars office. This is claimed to make the company's operations are totally carbon neutral from the outset.

They are starting with five Priuses gasoline/hybrid at the start of June and further cars in line with demand. Their target customers are "the corporate market in central London who care about their carbon footprints, and by operating a superior service we're looking to grow quickly," said Climatecars' founder Nicko Williamson in a statement. Williamson also checked on other green technologies for cars such as LPG and biofuels but made the decision to use Toyota's model.

[Source: Toyota]

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