Want a new Bullitt or BOSS Mustang? Go to Japan.

While everyone waits patiently (or for some folks, impatiently) for Ford to release the new Bullitt Mustang, Blue Flame, a Japanese firm that imports and distributes Mustangs over yonder, has taken the initiative to offer its very own Bullitt package. And it looks really good. Available for both V6 and V8 Mustangs, the obvious cosmetic changes (optional blacked-out grille, side window louvers, side scoops, spoiler delete, Bullitt badging, Highland Green paint, etc.) are paired with additional features like Eibach springs, Saleen pedals, and an upgraded Pioneer stereo. Those looking for more can opt for performance and handling upgrades from Ford Racing and Saleen at added expense. Based on the pictures on Blue Flame's site, it's a very nice conversion.

If that's not enough, the company has a slick BOSS package on offer as well. Follow the jump for that one.

Thanks to Scott for the tip!

[Source: Blue Flame American Distributions Network]

Like its Bullitt, Blue Flame's BOSS package is very easy on the eyes, but unlike the movie-inspired car, the BOSS kit is only available for V8 Mustangs. The main visual updates are a black chin spoiler, black rear spoiler, black rear window louvers (of course), wide hood stripe, hood scoop, quarter-window covers, a side stripe package, and retro-look wheels. Like the Bullitt, power can be at stock level (300 hp), or Blue Flame can fit all manner of performance upgrades from the Saleen and Ford Racing catalogs. We also have to say that the optional painted mirrors with integrated indicators look good on both cars.

In Japan, these cars -- Bullitt and BOSS alike -- must draw attention everywhere they go.

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