Volvo has to overcome hurdles to market C30

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When your average customer is a middle-aged woman and part of a family with a combined income of $140,000, how do you market to men aged between 28 to 38 and earning less than $100,000? That's the dilemma Volvo is facing with the launch of its cool new C30 hatchback, which is supposed to target a younger more dynamic crowd compared to Volvo's traditional customers.

There will be no TV and print advertising for the C30 at all, which we all know means any marketing money earmarked for the hatch is destined for the web. Volvo is going to start by airing three-minute-long webisodes on hosted by the guy that plays Darryl on NBC's The Office. It's hoping the episo... sorry, webisodes (I hate that word) will hit the sweet spot, but we doubt they will. Volvo knew it was going to have a challenge on its hands marketing the C30 in North America, mainly because of the public's preconceived about what Volvo is. That idea clashes with the sport and youthful C30, though you can count us as fans of the new hatch.

The other major problem is the price. At $23,445, including shipping, a small hatch like the C30 was always going to be a hard sell. It doesn't help that dealers will be less inclined to push the baby Volvo when they can make more profit on larger vehicles.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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