Rendered Speculation: Artist's take on a new Pantera

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Following on the heels of a rumored revival of the DeTomaso name, 3D hotshot Stefan Schulze has whipped up a flight of fancy that could serve as the flagship of the marque's resurgence. The gorgeously rendered "Panthera" (we suspect the "h" is in there for legal reasons) pays clear homage to Tom Tjaarda's 1970s design. The cues are all there, from the distinctive shape of the rear quarter windows and C-pillar down to the front grille. Since it's not yet rooted in any kind of reality, we can freely dream about the details.

The previous association with Ford would mean some flavor of their modular V8 or maybe V10. The power unit from the new GT500KR would be nice to mount in the middle of this sleek design. Ford even has the platform from the now-dead GT, though a custom platform with riveted and bonded materials isn't as inconceivable as it once was. In fact, buying all of the pieces that mass-manufacturers are really good at, like chassis, braking components, and HVAC systems makes a lot of sense. There's no point in trying to make a really good air conditioner when Harrison's setups are capable of freezing your nose hairs off. Speaking of Harrison, they're a GM supplier, which brings us to the GM tip. It would certainly be interesting to have an LS7 with this shape wrapped around it. Ah, speculation is such fun – by the time we're done specing the thing out, it'll be a million-plus ride. Nice work by Mr. Schulze, as usual.


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