Louisiana B2 mandate update: one million gallons of biodiesel in Pollock

Louisiana passed a law in June mandating all diesel fuel sold in the state soon be made up of two percent biodiesel. Even though B2 is really a baby step (diesel engines can handle biodiesel in higher concentrations much easier than gasoline engines can handle ethanol), one of the things holding back a, say, B20 mandate is in-state production. Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco (no relation to me, as far as I know) said at the time that it would take about a year and a half to two years "before producers can make enough product to trigger the mandate in the legislation."

At the time, Blanco was speaking about the bill's ethanol and biodiesel requirements. This week, biodiesel producer Diametrics Medical, Inc. (soon to change its name to Allegro Biodiesel Corporation) announced its Pollock, Louisiana biodiesel plant has made a million gallons of soy-based biofuel between April and October. The biodiesel plant (which used to make ammonia) is set up to make 12 million gallons a year, and the facility could be expanded to make 20 million a year. To fulfill the B2 mandate, Louisiana producers need to be able to make 15 million gallons a year, and the law becomes effective once 834,000 gallons of biodiesel can be made in the state each month.

[Source: Diametrics Medical, Inc.]

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