RE: buhbye - Zetsche bids farewell to Chrysler employees via e-mail

Looking to exit, stage left on a melodious note, Doc Zee has bid the Chrysler team a semi-farewell via email. The message was a polite "thank you," instead of the possibly more appropriate "thanks for letting us swoop in from Stuttgart, blast through your cash and let your product line languish." Dieter Zetsche and Tom LaSorda dashed off the e-mail to all Daimler and Chrysler workers this morning. The sale of the Chrysler unit to Cerberus Capital Management is wrapping up, and the executives extended thanks to employees for all the hard work they've performed over the past nine years. While they are splitting, the rhetoric in the e-mail indicates that there will be some intertwining of the two businesses going forward.

Collaboration will continue on electrical components (we hope Chrysler can teach Mercedes a thing or two about making reliable electrics), platform architectures for unitized SUVs and power units. Those collaborations were likely far underway when the schism occurred, and both companies will benefit from the cross pollination. We bet Dieter can bang out a convincing "Free BIrd" on that axe.

[Source Detroit Free Press]

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