LEAKED: Supposed Kia Mesa interior shots

TheCarBlogger just published three leaked pics of what they are claiming to be the first official images of the interior in the new Kia Mesa, nee HM. And just like we were when we saw the interior on the Veracruz, we have to say we are pretty impressed. Nothing cutting edge, but definitely styled to put it in the luxury car camp. The materials might not hold up to that opinion, but they at least look good in the pics. And the admittedly faux wood gives this UV an air of luxury most people probably wouldn't expect from a Korean vehicle. Light and modern, that wood is slathered throughout, even on the steering wheel.

What we see in the pics as far as the multimedia navigation/AV system goes is likely the home market setup. Chances are that the States will get the same LG unit we profiled in the Veracruz. There doesn't seem to be any reason why the AUX input jack and a Push-Start button won't make the trip over, however. We're not sure when the Mesa will make its public debut, but we're guessing somewhere between Frankfurt and the end of this year, with sales starting early next year. Click one of the images to view all three shots.

Thanks for the tip, William!

[Source: TheCarBlogger]

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