LEAKED: Official Audi R8 Spider sketch

CAR magazine's "smuggling" operation out of Ingolstadt appears to have been quite fruitful. Following up their scoop on the sworn-to-be-official Audi A1 sketches yesterday, the Brit publication has unleashed salvo number two, an official Audi sketch of the R8 Spider, which is reportedly arriving in 2009. A pair of speedster humps with integrated ventilation for the engine compartment will take position behind the car's two seats, and the large sideblade of the coupe is replaced by a more compact piece that begins aft of the door. In lieu of a folding top, Audi will use a removable targa-style roof to reduce complexity. According to CAR, Audi expects most Spiders to be sold in warm-weather areas where the top is likely to come off and stay off for extended periods, anyway. Miami, your next gotta-have-it ride is on its way. CAR says it has one more surprise in store for us tomorrow (again, via Georg Kacher's top-secret James Bond operation in Ingolstadt). More details at CAR Online.

[Source: CAR Online]

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