VIDEO: "Will it Blend?" attempts to pulverize 53 diecast cars

In the first video we have for you, Blendtec engineer Tom Dixon recounts how his morning began with stepping on one of his 25 grandchildren's toy cars. Some grandparents might laugh it off and bear the excruciating pain of a bruised heel. Not Tom. He sees it as an opportunity to teach his beloved grandkids a little lesson.

If you've seen any of Tom's "Will It Blend?" videos, you can imagine his teaching methods. Off comes the lid of the Blendtec blender, in goes 53 diecast cars and, about 45 seconds later, out comes something closer to dust than a toy Duster. As a diecast collector, I find it a little painful to watch, but as a guy I have to ask, why just 53? They come 75 to a case. Dump 'em all in!

In another video, Tom takes two Transformers and says, "Let's see what Grandpa can transform these into." Robots in disguise indeed!

And, as if we had to say it, kids, don't try this at home.

[Source: Blendtec]

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