BMW confirms permanence of M3 CSL model

Cars and NFL. Both offensive lineman and vehicles have been changing in parallel for a long time, getting bigger, stronger, and heavier. Even though the next-generation M3 grew larger and more powerful, the folks from Bavaria managed to cut weight by 7-percent versus the previous generation model. In an Inside Line interview with Gerhard Richter, vice president, BMW M Gmbh, yet another iteration of the still lighter CSL is a dead-lock guarantee. It seems BMW has figured out that people will pay more for increased agility that doesn't necessarily include monster horsepower. Now that we know the M3 CSL will always have a place in the Bimmer lineup, the only question left is when, what kind of diet we're talking about, and how much it's going to cost. We'd be happy with a run of the mill M3 until those answers become available.

[Source: Inside Line]

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