eBay Find of the Day: 1995 BMW M3 CSL

Pay more, get less. That's okay, looking at the pictures of this rare lightweight E36, it's not exactly slumming. There were under 150 of the 1995 "Coupe Sport Light" M3's produced and here's your chance to part with a lot of cash to own one.

The cars were intended for competition, so some of the creature comforts of the more pedestrian M3s were removed. Extravagant things like air conditioning and sound deadening, gone. Steel door skins were replaced by aluminum; you'll forego leather seats, a sunroof, even a radio. Who cares about all that stuff? Leather looks crappy after a while, a sunroof cuts into headroom, and with handpicked, extra-strong sixes underhood, the CSLs obviated the need for a radio. To us, it sounds less like a penalty box and more like the M3 we'd want, anyway. Power seats and geegaws have no place in a car with sporting intentions, but the market demands them. What all that extra equipment eventually translates to, besides weight, is stuff to fix. The CSL M3's return you to a simpler time, offering an equipment level closer to the beloved 2002tii; a moment of silence, please.

This particular example has just over 7000 miles on the odo, and looks to be meticulously kept. We'd love to take it out and flog it 'til the cosmoline stinks. Exclusivity has its price, for the mere starting bid of $39,975, you can start dreaming of the day you're wheeling your ultra rare Bimmer around and some cretin at the supermarket dings it.

Thanks for the tip, Spencer!

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