BioTown, USA getting an ethanol plant from VeraSun Energy

Now we're getting somewhere. And by "we" I mean BioTown, USA (Reynolds, Indiana). While last year we had stories about how this small town in Indiana is trying to grow and make all of its own energy but still didn't have any ethanol pumps (so all the flexible-fuel vehicles in the town were cruising on gasoline), now we can report that the town can soon check off making ethanol from their To Do list.
The Dakota-based VeraSun Energy Corp. officially announced this week it plans to build an ethanol biorefinery in town. Construction prep will start in May and should be finished 16 months later. Add this to the recent announcement of the biomass-to-electricity generator and the town's goal looks more likely now than ever.

[Source: VeraSun Energy via Domestic Energy]

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