Spy Video: Mitsubishi Evo X in motion

Before the folks over at Mitsubishi drop their crown jewel Evo X on an eager public, many road-hours of testing have to be logged in the souped-up Lancer. Besides the fact that the Evo X is arguably Mitsubishi's most recognizable car, there is plenty of new technology that needs to be perfected before buyers can purchase this rocketship. Edmunds Inside Line has video of the Evo X taking it to the 'Ring, and Mitsubishi's 4WD, 300+hp beast looks ready to be unleashed. A new paddle-shift twin-clutch supersport automatic joins the more traditional six-speed manual, and more powerful means of forced induction are rumored to lie under the hood. From its aggressive stance and sharp looks, to the increased performance potential, Mitsubishi looks like a lock to continue the Evo tradition. Hit the jump to view the Evo X in action from Germany's most famous car playground.

[Source: YouTube]

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